Meet YT Bell 

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Yterenickia S. Bell, affectionately known as YT, has been an advocate in her community for many years. She recalls her first advocacy efforts as a small child in Washington County, Georgia, working to secure more recess time for her fellow schoolmates. That was only the beginning of her life as a dedicated public servant. 

Bell is a three-time graduate of Georgia State University where she earned four degrees – two bachelor degrees (criminal justice and political science), a Master of Social Work, and a Master of Public Administration. She has worked for years as a community advocate and public policy professional to address injustices, safety concerns, serve vulnerable populations, and solve complex issues. Upon graduating from Georgia State University, her passion for service culminated into time spent at the state Capitol as a Legislative Coordinator for Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates; an organizer of campaigns educating residents on reproductive rights and bills passed by their state legislators; and, most recently, as Councilwoman Bell serving the residents of Clarkston since 2017.